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Bar & Restaurant

We would like to invite you to discover our Bar & Restaurant. At DormirDcine we know that quality is just as important as service, and we account with the best professionals.


Javier and Sergio Freile are the drivers of a constant fun that will not leave anyone indifferent, from cocktail workshops specially organised for groups, afterworks for residents and not hosted in the hotel, gin and tonics and all kinds of cocktails.
Brand Ambassadors of major brands such as Mombasa or Fabbri among others, the brothers Freile combine experience and innovation in each of their glasses.

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  • Javier Freile bar & restaurant COMERDCINE
  • Bar & Restaurante COMERDCINE
  • Bar & Restaurante COMERDCINE
  • Bar & Restaurante COMERDCINE
  • Bar & Restaurante COMERDCINE


Discover our creative cuisine through our Maître-Sommelier, Sergio Freile, secretary of the Association of barmans of Madrid, with 25 years of experience gained in Canary Islands, Ireland and Madrid in establishments renowned for their quality and reputation.
Our chef Sergio Ore with a long-distance in the Madrid kitchen has acquired his experience in renowned restaurants in the capital, as El Olivo, with a Michelin star.

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  • Sergio Freile maitre y sumiller restaurante COMERDCINE en DORMIRDCINE Madrid
  • Zona de desayunos Bar & Restaurante COMERDCINE
  • Salón resaturante Bar & Restaurante COMERDCINE
  • Desayuno Bar & Restaurante COMERDCINE
  • Desayuno Bar & Restaurante COMERDCINE
  • Bar & Restaurante COMERDCINE


We offer courses and workshops for professionals: Basic Mixology, Gin&Tonic, spirits, wine tasting, fruit cut, Molecular Mixology, Flairtending, Ham tasting and cutting…